The Noble Manhattan Coaching Group

As a company that has a reputation as “The Most Caring Coach Training Company in the World”  we do everything in our power to help coaches and student coaches all over the world to build a thriving and successful professional coaching practice.

As a coach training school, we have been training coaches since 1999 and have trained nearly 30,000 coaches in 31 countries. However training coaches, we believe is not quite enough- it is just as important to help and support those coaches throughout their life, not only in upgrading and enhancing their coaching skills but just as importantly in helping them to build, market and grow their professional practice.

With that in mind we have created many divisions whose sole purpose is to help coaches and student coaches worldwide.

Here are just a few:

Noble Manhattan Coaching

Our coach training division- currently operating in 31 countries and delivering our courses in 7 languages- with 18 completely separate coach training programs.

ICN – International Coaching News

Our publishing and magazine arm currently the largest coaching magazine in the world with  38,000 subscribers in 21 countries publishing in three different languages.

CRI – Coach Radio International

Our online Internet based radio platform- Allowing anyone to have their own one-hour monthly radio show. This is broadcast worldwide on the Internet and is also made available on iTunes and Stitcher

TAG – The ALPHA Group 

Our peer-to-peer executive board working exclusively with owners of SMEs businesses – currently in 28 cities in 20 countries worldwide, offering coaches the opportunity to work and develop a business within their local business community.

CF – Coach Finder 

An online register for coaches, currently 17,000 registered-Allowing coaches to promote themselves worldwide and to be found by clients.

Coaching Blog

Focusing on Leadership and Coaching – voted in top 20 in world.

Boardroom Coaching

The arm through which we work with multinationals at  boardroom level delivering corporate coaching contracts and executive coaching.

CSG – Coaching Support Groups

A division that provides support in many ways including physical meetings in many cities worldwide as well as a host of different products and services.

Noble Media

Our Umbrella site that showcases many of the services, products and  divisions that help our coaches and students worldwide.

Books For You

One of our publishing arms where we will publish anything that can be delivered electronically for our coaches and students worldwide to enable them to raise their brand and profile worldwide.

Noble Foundation 

Our charitable arm write my essay where we provide money to women to help them start micro businesses in Third World countries.

Colour Coaching

A number of short courses delivered mainly to women to help them build confidence through image, style dress make up et cetera.

Noble Partners

where we show how we partner with people worldwide and do a revenue share

Coaching Reports

One of our many lead generation websites.

Introduction to Coaching 

Why Coaching Works

Our Lead generation site for our Coaches and Students.

Noble University

We currently deliver an Executive MBA in partnership with Ashridge University and the IBD- Europe’s premier business school.