We are coaching people

//We are coaching people

We are coaching people

Are your leaders, managers, and employees capable of adapting to your organizational culture? Absolutely. Is that a good thing for your business? It depends on who you ask, when you ask, and how you ask them. There are times when adaptation and growth are mutually exclusive. Here’s a “frog’s eye” perspective on culture adaptation that can both heat up and hurt your business…

Are you thinking of starting a business? Do you already own a business? What do you think is the most challenging part of being in business? Marketing the company? Outmaneuvering the competition? Finding your niche? All of the above? It’s likely something else, and something so close to you that you may not have been able to see it. If you have serious intentions of bringing your business to life, you may want to consider law firms

What’s the most important ingredient in betting with naira developing great leadership? Being highly intelligent? Strategic? Decisive? Visionary? Strong-willed? All of the above? Perhaps not. Of all the qualities necessary to develop great leadership, one stands out the most, and is sought after the least. For a crustacean’s perspective on what it takes to maximize leadership growth, this may grab your attention…

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