Esmail Jamal, Noble Manhattan Coaching Residential Experience
John Cantwell, 2013 Coaching Residential Experience
Iliyan Kirkov, Noble Manhattan Coaching Residential Experience
Aleksandra Angelova, Noble Manhattan Coaching Residential Experience
Iana Avramova, Noble Manhattan Coaching Residential Experience
Great for building up a network of fellow coaches.
Ali Thornton
Defy anyone to come away having not experienced renewed self awareness and be energised.
Gillian Daley
The new beliefs strategies were very useful; a very powerful tool. It was great value!
Bee Milbourn
I found everything beneficial; I like Noble Manhattan’s values, generosity, integrity, passion and vision.
Tania Hopkinson
As well as learning more as a student, I found the course a personally life changing experience.
Tina Sibley
A professional fun environment; combining theory with practical skills in a very supportive atmosphere.
Brian Pitfield
I really enjoyed the one to one coaching experience and the learning exercises, I feel closer to being a coach now!
Peter Nixon
It was really great to meet like minded people, place was beautiful and trainers inspirational.
Vanessa Bsirsky
I would be happy to recommend this course; it was well structured, motivational and uplifting. Fantastic!
Zlata Stubbs
I feel I was taught relevant skills with a great company of coaches and practitioner coaches in a wonderful country facility.
Garry Anderson
This is very organic. Weekends like this keep the energy and focus on the course. Great to meet both facilitators and participants.
I found this residential stimulating and inspiring with lots of variation in delivery. It was fun and challenging and I felt very well taken care of!
Libby Anson
I would be happy to recommend this course; it was very focused and dealt with different types of issues. The level of tutor support was also very high.
Gwyneth Mantom
I really enjoyed talking to and exchanging ideas, skills and information with other students and experienced coaches; the honesty and support of the staff and trainers and the comprehensive support material. This residential has made coaching come alive for me.
Sue Saunders
I found the coaching practise with different individuals the most beneficial; it gave me an opportunity that I may not otherwise have grasped. The course was; professional, structured and good value.
Angela Hart
I found all of the course beneficial but really liked seeing the process and then doing it myself. I also found it very motivational; to progress with the course and some other life issues. I found it really beneficial to meet like minded people.
Kym Wright
I know Gerard O’Donovan who heads up Noble Manhattan and he is one of the most sincere, motivating and inspiring people you could meet and above all else he is extremely ethical. I would have no qualms in recommending him or Noble Manhattan to study with.
Carmen MacDougall
This course is not only about providing great information but it allows you to take action immediately in a positive and fun atmosphere – I can see this course as being of great benefit not just to young students but to everyone who wants to make a positive improvements in their lives.
Brian Pitfield
Hi Gerard, the course was wonderful! It is taking me a bit of time to come down to earth and back into my ‘other’ skin. It made Life Coaching become a reality as opposed to a dream and certainly kick started us all. The place is lovely as was the food and of course the company was unsurpassable. Thank you very much.
Lyn O'Neill
I found all of the course content beneficial. I felt that the sessions helped me access some of my most challenging issues and provided techniques for moving forward. This has been one of the most powerful weekend courses I have ever undertaken; I feel tremendously empowered and enthusiastic and far more confident about my potential and skills as a life coach. Thank you!
Pauline McDonauld
This course is professional and effective; it supports learning and personal development. It gives really good practical tools for the coaches to use – the practice was authentic. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, I am happy to support Noble Manhattan in building their future.
Joyce Bunton
Thank you for allowing me this fabulous opportunity, I have deepened my learning so much over the last few days; I have made friends and feel at one with so many kindred spirits. It has truly been a privilege and a pleasure. This weekend is absolutely transformational.
Anne Marie McIntosh
I have received good quality professional learning in a fun and enjoyable way. Thank you for the vision you have; it has given many people an opportunity to develop themselves and others; Noble Manhattan value their clients.
Lynn Carpenter
I would be very happy to recommend this course because of the great feeling, excellent course material and more importantly the great practical experience. The fact that Noble Manhattan attracts spiritually aware people made this a very memorable and special weekend.
Mark Anderson
All aspects of the course were of enormous benefit; each day’s agenda dealt with emerging issues from my coaching course and put these into perspective. I would like to thank Gerard and all the team at Noble Manhattan; the support was tremendous and clearly a lot of effort and hard work went into preparing and delivering the course to us. I left feeling totally inspired to develop myself and ultimately my business.
Steve Coulson
The whole course has been truly excellent, however, the role play with network of stuff, the NLP exercise where awesome and life changing personally. Values exercise and goal role play cemented learning.

Excellent course, fantastic use of various training techniques addressing all learning styles, also helping the delegates make changes to their lives.

C Dawson
It was a wonderful learning experience. I took so much from it and feel far more confident now than I did when I arrived.

A life changing weekend. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with three wonderful coaches/trainers. Each trainer different and each day different.
I have learnt so much more about coaching.

Jenny Johnson
I have complete faith and confidence in what Noble Manhattan are doing and what they can offer. They have integrity and are completely honest. There is a fantastic level of support and backup during and after the course.
John Bruce
Even if someone took the course without ending up being a Life Coach, they would still have gained a precious gift for themselves that can be shared with others. The high drive and inspiration that I felt previously towards becoming a Life Coach was multiplied ten-fold doing this course.
Sunita Ramkissoon
Ability to meet like minded people and friends moving forward; caring company; ability to practice skills face to face. Thanks to the whole team for helping confirm that coaching is on my life path. I look forward to getting my accreditation and setting up my practice.
S Wardman
I just wanted to say how looked after I felt this weekend and for all your efforts in organising and presenting the residential course.
Gerard, many thanks, not only do I feel I have joined the right academic organisation for coaching but also one that matches my values and direction in life. Many thanks again.
Rachael Orchard
Thank you so much for your constant presence and support wherever I’ve been in the world. Over the years I have sent many people your way with the knowledge that Noble Manhattan is an authentic and top notch Coaching education.

Kindness, support and accessibility go a very long way. I wouldn’t be the coach I am today without the Noble Manhattan education and culture.

I have now finished and can truly say I loved it all! I met some amazing people, read and listened to inspiring authors and speakers, discovered invaluable life tools, underwent a deep and positive transformation personally and in the midst of it all was able to help others too. The most valuable gift was I discovered how to be true to me and help others do the same. If you want to embark on an inspiring adventure, supported by a company of great integrity and professionalism then I could not recommend this course highly enough!
Marianna Kilburn
Since May 2004 that I have started my coaching study with Noble Manhattan until now that I am a qualified coach, the service and support that I have received from their support and admin team is phenomenon. Noble Manhattan team made me feel welcome and supported at each encounter we had.

It is a company that I say their name proudly. Gerard is an incredible motivator, his sincerity and vision for a better world influence whoever he touches their lives. For sure, he changed my life. I never felt so good and wonderful about who I am and finding my purpose of life by becoming a life coach is a great achievement and it wouldn’t happen without the help and support that I have received over the last couple of years from NM. Well done and thank you.

Fari Kashani
Gerard, I hope you don’t mind but I just had to drop you a quick note to say how hugely excited I am at the prospect of training to be a Life Coach with your company. Attending the intro day yesterday at Oxford was such a great experience, exceeding my expectations of what Noble-Manhattan are about and confirming not only that this is definitely the new career for me but that yours is absolutely the right company to train with. Your enthusiasm alone would be sufficiently convincing, but everyone that I met yesterday seemed so genuinely enthusiastic, passionate and not least just really nice and supportive.

Thank you once again – I can’t tell you how long I have been looking for the right change in direction (if I’d known about Life Coaches a few years ago then I probably could have used one to get to this point sooner!!) – and strangely enough, as you said you yourself felt, I feel as if I’m home at last. I just hope I make the grade!

Ruth Low
I have just returned from the 3-day PCD international residential workshop in Bulgaria and thought now’s a good time to say how fantastic it was and how inspired I feel since I’ve returned! The trainers were amazing-they kept me fully engaged for the entire 3 days and the content incredibly interesting and well delivered. I really feel part of something special training with Noble Manhattan because that’s the way they make you feel. I know that I am fully supported, no matter what stage I am at and I feel lucky that I am training with one of the top 3 coaching training company’s, worldwide.

The content of the course is extremely well structured, easy to follow and incredibly interesting-I have learnt so much throughout working through each of the modules and teleclasses.

Thank you to Noble Manhattan for not only producing some wonderful material, but giving us the opportunity to develop our skills with the 3 day residential which couldn’t have been a better experience for me.

Emma Oliver

Corporate Residential

Things resonated and custom paper writing help have taken my EQ to the next level.
Very comfortable where I am and comfortable to go forward as is.
Met great people to network with and work with, going forward.
It’s the light inside that counts, not what we see on the outside.
It sets you up to complete the course, energized to take me to the next level.
The quality time to step outside normal life, it’s a real luxury – 3 days learning with like-mined people.